VokalJäger, Deutsche Dialektgeographie Vol. 122

Download excerpts from the book.

Starting from september 2022 , my dissertation is freely available under a CC-BY license and can be downloaded here.

VokalJäger Enhanced Algorithmic Tool Pack VJ.EAT

Download the VJ.EAT core in version 0.15 as of 7/5/2021 - that is the R and PRAAT kernel code plus all configuration files - as ZIP file:

download VJ.EAT core.

You get a fully fledged phonetic workbench, which yields e.g. analytic plots:

Plots (here: original non-normalized)F1/F2 formant values in Bark and Hertz, including surrounding reference triangles.
Plots (here: normalized and backprojected) F1/F2 formant values in Bark and Hertz with distribution centroids.
Plots idealized single sample frequency response / vocal tract transfer function as implied by the F1-F3 formant values and B1-B3 bandwidths.
Analyzes which vowels are statistically different (or not) based on F1/F2 centroid statistics.
Analyzes F1 formant distribution statistics.
Analyzes F2 formant distribution statistics.

Documentation VJ.EAT

Download the full documentation in PDF.

Working Environment VJ.EAT

Download a sizable fully fledged working environment, i.e. a set of directories and files. This includes sample input sound files, sample input PRAAT annotations resp. segmentations and all the outbound result files which the VokalJäger core would calculate. Use this to explore and start your own project.

Download working environment.